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“I laughed with them and I also cried and it of a gigantic beauty…”

It's gives enormous pride to wear the Acreditar T-shirt. I feel it! I imagine this is how Superman feels when he put on his outfit with ultra-special powers: a huge pride in serving others!
In my circuits through the Paediatric Hospital and the House I met many children and families, lots of smiles, delicious adventures and heart-warming mischief. I laughed with them and also cried and it is an enormous beauty to experience the relationships and feelings being created. Week after week, there they are waiting for the volunteers and week after week I'm looking forward to come back.
Thank you to each one of you, for being all so different, absolutely precious, and for making me feel that Acreditar is worthwhile!



“…we count on the magic of solidarity…”

When I signed up for Acreditar four years ago, I never expected that my life would change so much. I couldn’t have imagined that it would be much lighter and much richer!
They never told me that, as a volunteer, I would receive such a high remuneration. Unquantifiable! I receive sacks full of smiles from the children and their families, big cheques of kindness and bundles of notes of happiness.
Now you’re thinking that it’s all happiness? No! There are also very sad moments, floods of tears and "punches in the stomach". But in these moments we count on the magic of solidarity, with the herculean strength of the children and with the collusion of the families.



“I found fluency in relationships, respect for the other…”

I knew very little about Acreditar, I went scared because cancer promotes fear and even more so in children. I did not know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to help those who worked hard to support those children and families. I went with the intention of giving what I could and receiving nothing in return, devoid of expectations and only with a commitment to go on.
The reality surprised me. In a place that I imagined would be marked by the weight of the lives that pass there, I found a positive and serene atmosphere and a group of people who smiled and were relaxed and welcoming. I found fluency in relationships, respect for the other and for all that it represents, and above all I found an iron will to "make it happen."
Throughout these 11 years I accompanied from behind the scenes the joy of small victories and the sadness of stories that did not have a happy ending. I saw the dedication of the volunteers reinventing themselves to draw out another smile. I saw many children and parents that found in that House the stability possible in such a troubled phase of their lives, and I felt fulfilled for being a small part of that machine.
I grew as a person, I learned to put the setbacks of life in perspective and to value things as simple as the laughter of a child or a slice of cake made by a Mother who kindly offered to those who work there.
When I think of what Acreditar means to me, I think of Gratitude.


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