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Acreditar in high heels

When one of my daughters recently turned 20, I noticed her all dressed up, in high heels, impeccably attired and ready to party. As I searched my memory, I noticed how difficult it was for her to walk in those shoes. I remembered the birth, the first steps, speaking, interaction with people, conquests and accomplishments, work, days and days of studying, tests, the difficulties and achievements. And now I see her confident and purposeful, enthusiastic in her desire to fulfil her dreams, although faltering in those high-heeled shoes.
Acreditar is a young adult who grew up clinging to the dreams she managed to make happen, giving joy to many children. Now, at the age of 20, still dependant on a mother and father, she moves around proudly in her high heels, motivated by the dream of leaving home for a New Home. She is autonomous and confident, but she still lacks the strength to create a lobby capable of influencing the established powers so they can better hear the voice of those she represents. And it is incumbent on her to maintain and improve the level of her performance, with feet firmly on the ground and eyes into the future.
Beautiful young woman this Acreditar.

Armando Pinto, director of the Paediatric Service of the Porto IPO


“For the dream we strive”

This phrase serves to reflect the importance of the Association Acreditar, with which I have had the privilege of working for 15 years as Social Assistant of the Oncology Service of the Coimbra Paediatric Hospital. Dedication, Availability, Determination that make Acreditar a pillar of Families!
In times of crisis, more and more families in vulnerable situations turn to the Social Services. The formal network is evident in associations such as Acreditar, able to satisfy those needs that the informal network (family, neighbours and friends) can’t always cope with.
Acreditar has played an active role with social intervention. The involvement of its leaders, as well as all of its staff and volunteers, increases the efficiency and effectiveness in satisfying the demands made upon it. Synergies have been achieved by always giving a response, based on principles of excellence, undertaking active citizenship and the defence of human rights.

Rosa Gomes, social worker at the Coimbra Paediatric Hospital


“You believed first”

When the first Acreditar Houe was inaugurated, I remember that day as if it now.
The bustle, the joy, lots of emotions and mixed feelings. But there is a phrase I heard in the short speech of a guest speaker that I hold to this day: "You believed first, before all of the others."
I believe that this will continue to be the hallmark of Acreditar now that the 20 years are observed with eyes firmly set on the future. Believe first, always, and gather many others around.

Isabel Mateus, colleague in Lisbon Acreditar House

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