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“… you are not alone…”

Coming from the Azores, my mother and I left at about 8 in the morning and arrived at Acreditar in Coimbra around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The House breathed joy and comfort, which at first seemed strange to someone arriving to a house that welcomes people with an illness as difficult as cancer, but quickly the smile of the other children and the magnificent volunteers made me feel as if nothing was going on.
I was hospitalized in the Paediatric Hospital of Coimbra for 15 days where John Legend's song "All of Me" played repeatedly, but in a calm and comforting way, bringing me good memories of this time and of course with Acreditar always at heart, where they kindly provided me with a computer so things were not so boring.
It passed quickly, Acreditar is always with me, and there is not a day when I don’t think that without this Association, which gives without wanting anything in return, my life wouldn’t be what it is.
I just want to say to all those who have passed, and who will continue passing through those doors: you are not alone, that big family suffers and laughs with you, that family supports you in every way it can and asks for nothing more than your smile.
I am grateful to Acreditar for having changed my life and for giving me the opportunity to write this message.
Thank you.

Luis, Barnabé


"I was 4 years old, an age of innocence and beauty and the disease wanted to appear ...”

I was 4 years old, an age of innocence and beauty in life and the disease wanted to appear without asking permission. At the time, and I'm now almost 17 years old, I didn’t pay proper attention to the disease, but I even think I did well because I didn’t intend to have a very long relationship with it. I can understand that the situation has been much more worrying to my family, especially to my parents and brothers.
However, I remember that strange feeling that something isn’t right and I still have the image of my mother sitting on a sofa crying (..). I also find it interesting that I don’t remember thinking much about how my life could be without the illness, that I could be without it, without having to be in a hospital, and even now I don’t see my life without having it with me ...
I liked it when Christmas was coming, since it was a sign of the party organized by ACREDITAR. This was a very good feeling, which still corries on; all this gave a different complexion to the illness and made me feel well. I felt that I was part of a family that couldn’t see cancer as something threatening, but like something that lives with us and accompanies us, inspecting.
Congratulations to ACREDITAR.

Ana Sofia, Barnabé


“I am a Barnabé, and very proud, not only of myself but also…”

It was 6 years ago that I entered the Hospital of S. João [Porto] and was diagnosed with a brain tumour.
I was immediately admitted and from that moment Acreditar was by my side.
The first volunteer I met was an elderly lady who told me many stories from her childhood. As I listened to the stories, I remembered playing with my brothers and the longing passed.
Even today Acreditar is a part of my life. I am a Barnabé and very proud, not only of myself but also of all Barnabés, because I think we are a force of nature.
I'm looking forward to being a volunteer for Acreditar, to do everything the volunteers did for me: share affection, hugs and, above all, joy for all these children, just as they did for me.
I just want to thank Aceditar for everything they've did for me and my family. I hope that one day I can thank everybody for these acts of kindness.

Maria Alberta, Barnabé

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