Acreditar’s history is made up of children’s stories…


“It wasn’t us that sought out Acreditar, it was Acreditar who came to us.

In the midst of an authentic storm trying to find a guiding thread, looking for answers to the anguish we experienced, made worse by the fact we were not in our environment, we were taken in and found a safe haven. Our house, the other House. It was not we who tried to Believe, but Believe was who came to us.

Acreditar gave us an answer to one of the basic concepts of a family: the House, the home.
Here we found shelter, space for living together, space for us, space to concentrate on the essentials.
This House marked us deeply. Here we cried, we laughed, we were happy, we were sad, we shared, they supported us, we were grateful and we gave affection in return.
We received friends and we made friends.
It was this, after all, that comforted us most as a family, despite the deep anguish of being separated, knowing and feeling that mother and daughter were safe here.
The security and very visible link between Acreditar and the IPO are, undoubtedly, one of the key factors that enabled us to move forward and together bring our daughter to here.

Sofia’s parents


"... there are people who do remarkable things ..."

Believing that there are people who do remarkable things, that with small gestures can make them so great.
Give a friendly word, bring a moment of consolation that not everyone can do, but people like the people of Acreditar do it better than anyone, having the strength that nobody else has to be able to help.
Even in the saddest and most distressing moments they managed to put a smile on Letícia’s and their faces, and for all this we say thank you.
Thank you for the courage you have given us, for the words, for the moments, we will continue to Believe (Acreditar).

Leticia's parents


“…there’s also a time to play…”

Cancer is an illness
That corrodes and hurts
Who has it, their greatest wish..
is to move forward and overcome.

Acreditar, a magical institution
That really helped us
At a difficult time
Knew how to receive us so well.

Your kitchen is a laboratory
Of tastes, smells and feelings
Where menus are shared and also
The sufferings.

Your garden nicely arranged
That I liked to clean
At the end of the task
It was ready to enjoy.

In the children's room
Thousands of toys for play
There, with the little friends
Drawings I helped to paint.
In the youth room
Computers to play
It was there that my daughter..
Found space to draw.

In the parent’s room
TV could be watched
Conversations more than many..
Arose in turmoil.

The bedroom
A place of comfort to rest
The ever present music..
To help us fall asleep.

From Cape Verde, to the Azores
From Madeira to the mainland
I made friends
That will last forever.

The staff and friends of Acreditar
I want to thank
For as long as I live..
I will never forget you.

Mariana’s mother

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