We are an association of families - parents for parents, children for children and youths for other young people. We exist for each other as a network of support and enabling to take on the challenges. Accumulated experience tells us that the reasons for Acreditar (Believe) are many. That's why we share the biggest emotion: Hope. So that nobody feels alone during this journey, because together:

  • We share information
  • We share feelings
  • We offer emotional and psychological support
  • We promote meetings
  • We help where needed

Only in this way is it possible that the families arrive to the end, saying "thank you for the shared path".

"Despite the many less good recollections I have of the situation we’ve been through, it's incredible that whenever I speak about the illness,what immediately comes to mind are the wonderful people who have always been there for me."


Given the needs that the illness raises, the family needs to reorganize in order to look after itself in the best way. Often this readjustment implies changes in the family’s own management at various levels. By referral from the Hospital Social Services, Acreditar provides concrete support to families:

  • Material - technical health related material, clothing, etc.
  • Food - monthly food-baskets of non-perishable goods and hygiene products
  • Financial - support for medication or for essential expenses

In Portugal country, children and young people with cancer are also yourneyprotected by the current legislation in force for children and young people with disabilities.
See here the legislation of General Family Support. Find out which regime best suits you. If you have any doubts, please contact us directly.

"There are taller, thinner, fatter, shorter, richer and poorer, but we are all the same, a united family, living moments which at times are sodifficult, but the word Acreditar comes from within us and helps us on our way ..."

More than 1,000 families are accompanied annually.

Together we are better able.
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