Due to the circumstances of the illness or treatment, some children / young people may be unable to attend school for a significant amount of time. It is important to find other ways to continue to encourage their learning and skills.

Articulated with the hospitals’ school services, Acreditar created “Aprender Mais” (Learn More) - a free online or home schooling support developed with the support of volunteer educational and development professionals (teachers from the 1st grade to upper secondary education, kindergarten teachers, psychologists, social educators, occupational therapists, among others).

It doesn’t replace the school nor the right to special educational measures (according to Law no. 71/2009), but it is a complementary and personalized form of support.

All those who are undergoing treatment between the ages of 3 and 18, can request this support which has different formats according to the different requirements:

  • Face-to-face content consolidation in the different disciplines
  • Remote instruction via Skype
  • Development of skills through artistic expression, stories, music and play

In 2016, 23 young people were helped.
Better days.


Schools ask that we go and talk to their students, from the first cycle up to university level whether for a social reintegration or some close felt situation, we discuss the reality and the experience of child cancer with the classes.


We are into the 2nd edition of the Scholarship Programme for young people who have financial difficulty in pursuing their academic education.
We believe that this incentive to continuing their education is essential so that they can have the same opportunities for learning, encouragement and integration.

In the 2016/2017 academic year, 5 young people were helped.
Better days.
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