Acreditar is recognised as an association of Public Utility covered under the Portuguese Law of Patronage. Donations may be eligible for the tax benefits foreseen in the statutes of Patronage.*

We count on the whole Community. We know that your generosity has always been great. There are different ways to contribute.


Engage in a particular project - we share it with you, it will be yours too. Our current needs are:
  • Sponsor a bedroom in the Family Houses of Lisbon, Coimbra or Porto
  • Support the expenses of the poorest families
  • Funding Barnabé Scholarships
  • Fund the annual trip of 16 children to Disneyland, Paris
  • Sponsor Childrens Holiday Camps or Family Meeting

* In accordance with the Patronage Statute, operating costs or operating losses, up to the limit of 8/1000 of turnover (or in their entirety if intended for programmes considered of superior social interest) are considered eligible donations made to Private Institutions of Social Solidarity. These donations are normally valued at 130% of their respective worth, with a percentage of 140% applied to child support measures or the support and treatment of cancer patients. In the case of donations in kind, the regime is identical, applicable to the corresponding counter-value.


Donations can be made in person, by post or by bank transfer.

Southern Centre Lisboa IBAN: PT50.0018.0355.0020.0013140.64
Central Centre Coimbra IBAN: PT50.0033.0000.05281076847.45
North Centre Porto IBAN: PT50.0033.0000.00117854031.05
Madeira Centre Funchal   IBAN: PT50.0033.0000.00241523987.05


Banking Institution     Novo Banco
IBAN                             PT50.0007.0000.05977500162.23
SWIFT                          BESCPTPL
Acreditar Tax Number (NIPC)   503,571,920

NOTE: Please send us a copy of the proof of payment as well as your data (name, address and personal tax number) so that we can issue a receipt. Address:

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