"I'm not looking for personal gratification when I go to Paediatrics, I just need to know that, at that moment, that mother, father, grandmother or aunt look at me and at my son's story with the feeling that it's possible, that they can believe because they have a success story in front of them!"
Delmira, João's mother and a volunteer.
The day a family first comes through the hospital door is a time of apprehension and vulnerability. They come from different parts of the country, but what they seek in common is to be able to believe.

Acreditar’s welcome is a reassurance to both parents and children. Adult volunteers (many of them who have had the illness or who were parents) make themselves available to meet weekly with new families, providing emotional support, guidance on broader issues or clarification on small details. Through the common experience that unites them, an immediate sense of sharing is created that diminishes the feeling of isolation and fear. But this support is so much more valuable because it is a source for hope.

"It wasn’t us that sought out Acreditar, it was Acreditar who came to us."
Sofia’s parents

In 2016 we received 276 families.
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