From the outset, Acreditar's main partners are the country’s 5 hospitals with Paediatric Oncology services:
  • Porto: Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Porto and Hospital de São João
  • Coimbra: Paediatric Hospital of Coimbra
  • Lisbon: Portuguese Oncology Institute of Lisbon
  • Madeira: Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital

Founded in a working relationship of excellent complementarity, Acreditar is responsible for volunteer work in the Paediatric Oncology Services of these hospitals. Within these walls Life is lived, in its great frailty but also in its greatest grandeur. It is for this living space that we select, train and closely accompany the more than 600 volunteers on whom Acreditar rely.

The volunteers are indispensable supports for the humanization, joy and integral care that hospitalized children and their families need. They are warm, smiling faces that arrive unhurriedly, and that are available to play or as a shoulder to lean on. Coordinated and in tune with the technical teams of the [hospital] Services, the volunteers bring out human strengths and encourage conditions for transformation.

"In those moments we could forgot how painful the situation was. There are no words to describe the importance of this wonderful support for our children in such a difficult times. They were moments of great joy: we laughed a lot, we played cards and we spoke a lot about cooking recipes because Ana loved talking about recipes."
Ana Isabel’s mother


Families are forced to adapt suddenly to the demands that the illness imposes, often having to seek new balances for daily life. To help strengthen and empower the family to meet these challenges, Acreditar has volunteers available for free home visits where the volunteer will be able to:

  • Play with the child and bring him new motivations
  • Assist in basic care and daily activities
  • Thinking together about the needs that arise and supporting the solutions
  • Helping to bring about good experiences for the child and family
  • Facilitate connections to other support services
  • Solve other needs, specific to each family
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think this support can be useful for your family.

"They never give up on us, no matter how bad our temperament or how saturated we became - they are there for us, to contribute to our well-being. And no, they didn’t just give me support, they gave many words of comfort to my mother, they gave her their encouragement. The concern they show for us is incredible, the hope they give us!" 

In 2016 we counted on the support of 599 volunteers in a total of 40,431 hours of voluntary work.

Generosity humanizes.
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