1. All of Acreditar’s activity and plans of action should be geared towards creating the adequate conditions to give all parents the right to exercise their authority, responsibility and decision-making capacity. No action should be taken such as to replace parents in their responsibilities and duties to their children.

2. Acreditar is responsible for monitoring the legislative situation for supporting children with cancer and their families, and to promote the necessary measures to identify the prevailing gaps, becoming, whenever necessary, the parents' spokesperson in contacts with the appropriate entities. Never, under any circumstances, should Acreditar replace the State in its attributions and duties to these children and their families. This would inevitably jeopardize vested rights, creating a serious precedent.

3. Acreditar should promote the establishment of protocols with the Social Services of those Hospitals to which children with cancer belong. Only this way shall we be able to obtain the correct information of the social situations that need to be supported. Financial support should only be granted through a written request from the Social Service and for the period indicated. The proposal for this financial support should be delivered to the families by the Social Service, by means of a declaration signed by the parents. It must never be delivered directly by Acreditar.

4. Acreditar should always be represented by the projects and activities it carries out. We should preserve the image of children and their families.
5. All of those who cooperate with Acreditar have the right to be regularly informed about its activities and projects.

6. The fundraising promoted by Acreditar should be based on the dissemination of activities and projects. The objective of this strategy should be to establish a relationship of trust and knowledge that will lead contributors to take on a constant and regular commitment to the project (patronage as a form of volunteering).

7. The training and monitoring of volunteers, in all areas of activity, should be one of the major priorities.

8. Since its foundation Acreditar has a national character and vocation. As parents of children with cancer, the factors that bring them together are greater than those that differentiate them from region to region. This reality should be constantly visible in Acreditar's actions, in both the short and long term. Solidarity, sharing resources and the unanimous designation of priorities should constitute a value in itself and a constant orientation in both internal and external relations.

9. The definition of support programmes and activities should be based on an observation and assessment of reality. Acreditar's decision-making bodies should, as far as possible, be involved in fieldwork (volunteering) in order to have a valid idea of the real needs and to plan and adapt an action strategy and the objectives to be achieved.
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