The “Barnabés” are all those who live or have lived an oncological illness in childhood / youth. More than a group, they are the face of Acreditar that best shows the Hope that drives us. They join together in their shared experience of living, never losing sight of the fact that they are above all people.


  • Meetings and gatherings - They meet, regionally and nationally to share their experience of the illness, the episodes associated with staying in hospital or the return to daily life. They discuss the goals and plans for the group’s future.
  • Barnabé Volunteers - The Barnabés who have completed their treatment return to the hospital to give the children and youngsters still undergoing treatment a personal message of hope.
  • Actions to raise awareness and claim your rights - Those who have been through the illness know better than anyone what needs to be changed in the hospital, in society and in the law. The Barnabés actively participate in this struggle for equal opportunities and demystification of the illness.
  • Training and employability - After the illness there is a need to readjust life projects, adapting expectations and ambitions. Acreditar provides training sessions in the area of personal development and skills for entering into the job market.
  • Fun activities – Some of the great moments of the Barnabés group are achieved through fun and sharing. From holiday camps to simple picnics in the park, we experience moments of excellence. The impacts of the illness are minimized with the opportunity to ensure pleasurable moments that maintain the interest to grow, discover and dream.
  • International contacts - At an international level, the group participates in several discussion and learning encounters, such as Pancare Meetings, International Encounters of Young People and Survivors of Childhood Cancer, among others.

"9 years after this terrible experience, I continue to be part of this great association. Today I am a volunteer and I try to pass on to those who are going through treatments that I also received and shall never forget."


  • A Hymn: You Are Stronger - the Barnabés share a unique and, above all, empowering challenge. Each day is a victory, a cling to life and the certainty that it is worth continuing to Believe (Acreditar)!
  • A Vox Pop: Vox Pop on Paediatric Oncology -  the Barnabés of the 4 Acreditar centres took to the streets to celebrate life and the hope associated with oncological illness and, furthermore, to inform and clarify the general public.
  • A Book for Complaints and Praise: The voice of the Barnabés - the protests and praises of those who, in childhood, experienced an oncological illness.

"The support between everybody makes the difference. We are a large group of friends with a lot in common. Friends for life. The word cancer ceases to be a horrible word, and today I say quite naturally that I had a cancer."


What is it? Committed to making the voices of Barnabés heard, we will create a network of survivors capable of identifying the gaps in the best of experience and survival. Let's think about solutions and realistic projects for improvement. Gathering everybody’s experiences, we can heard further afield!
For who? Adolescents and young people who experienced an oncological illness under the age of 18 and who want to change the world.
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